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Education and Technology

Expanding the Conversation

Serendip was founded ten years ago in part as "a continually developing set of resources to explore and support intellectual and social change in education ...". Over the past decade, Serendip, like many others, has been involved in an extended (and continuing) process of "trying out things" to see how the web can be used in education. This page provides a link to our reflections on ten years of experiences with education and technology, as well as to materials contributed by others reflecting on their own experiences.

Alison Cook-Sather
Teaching and Learning Together

Alison Cook-Sather
Finding/Creating New Metaphors for Education

Alison Cook-Sather and Elliott Shore
Talking Toward Techno-Pedagogy: A Collaboration Among Faculty, Students, Librarians, and Information Technologists

Anne Dalke
Further Reflections on Education and Technology

Anne Dalke, Steve Gilbert, Paul Grobstein
"We Make the Road by Walking": A Panel Discussion About Using the Web for Educational Purposes

Al Filreis
Al Filreis discusses online learning in an interview aired on the syndicated NPR program "The Best of Our Knowledge," recorded on February 22, 2001, originating from WAMC 90.3 FM, Albany. The recording of the program is available as an MP3 file (click here).

Paul Grobstein, Jody Cohen
Serendip's Experiences 1994-2004

Alice Lesnick
New Tools. New Learning?

Alice Lesnick, Alexandra Cesaitis, Uma Jagtiani, Rashidah Miller
Curriculum Design as Re-Writing: Online "Chat" as a Resource for Radicalizing the Teaching of a Canonical Text

Alice Lesnick, Barbara Hall, and students in Education 200 (a class project)
Using the Web to Reflect on Education and Technology

Elliott Shore
Nodes on the Learning Tree

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