Thinking Sex:

Desire and

Welcome to the home page of a Feminist and Gender Studies course

at Bryn Mawr College (Fall semester, 2002).

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  1. Unraveling Vigeland
  2. Reading Safe Haven
  3. Field Site Guidelines
  4. Can Sex Be Put in Language?
  5. A Range of Languages
  6. Sex Across the Life Span
  7. Sexual Humor
  8. Sexual Humor Continued
  9. Course Commentary and Requirements
  10. Sexual Subgroup papers
  11. Sex Ed Curriculum papers
  12. Pornography and Fear
  13. Reading Written on the Body
  14. Social Science and Science Talk About Sex
  15. The Languages of Law, Poetry, History and Religion
  16. Praxis Site Papers
  17. Multicultural Sex and Sex in Art
  18. Sex in the Law and Media
  19. More Sex in Art
  20. Final Praxis Presentations
All images on these pages were created by Sharon Burgmayer, Department of Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College.

For a file of her work see

See also an on-line exhibit of Sharon's work called Transformation.