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Thinking Sex:

Desire and

Welcome to the home page of a Feminist and Gender Studies course

at Bryn Mawr College (Fall semester, 2003).

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  1. Reading Safe Haven
  2. Sexual Cleansing
  3. Is it Necessary/Useful to Put Sex Into Language?
  4. A Range of Languages: What's Most Useful?
  5. Sex Across the Lifespan
  6. Pornography: Is It "Only Words"?
  7. Normalcy, Law, Poetry
  8. Written on the Body
  9. Different Languages
  10. Language from the Field
  11. Spirituality and Adultery
  12. Final Presentations
  13. Final(e) Thoughts
All images on these pages were created by Sharon Burgmayer, Department of Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College.

For a gallery of her work see Transformation.

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