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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

What IS Science?
Science as Story-Telling
Science as a Common Human Story of Exploration, Discovery, and Creation
Finding Ways to Make it So

Context Theory Examples Resources On-Line Forum
The Challenge:

To move toward science seen as ...

  • Primarily process rather than content knowledge
    • Rigor without oppressiveness
    • Concreteness without lifelessness
    • Playfulness without meaninglessness
  • Something that everyone can draw from and be empowered by
  • Something to which everyone can contribute
  • Engaged with rather than isolated from other spheres of human activity


Materials on Serendip

Revisiting Science in Culture: Science as Story Telling and Story Revision

See Science as Story Telling and Story Revision: A Conversation for an on-line discussion forum and additional essays, including

Science as Storytelling, by Barry Bickmore and David Grandy

Science as StoryTelling or Story Telling? A Conversation About Science Education ... and Science

Science IS Story: An Exchange Involving a Social Scientist, A Humanist, and a Scientist

Storytelling: Scientist's Perspective, John Seeley Brown, 2001

Education and Technology: Serendip's Experiences 1994-2004

The Two Cultures: A Conversation

With Friends Like These ... , by David Burns, 2005

This Isn't Just MY Problem, Friend: Some Thoughts on Science Education, Education, American Culture, and What to Do About It, by Paul Grobstein, 1991

Getting It Less Wrong: Some Thoughts on Introductory Science Teaching ..., by Paul Grobstein, 1993

Nurturing the Scientific Mind in School: Transdisciplinary Experiences 'Avant La Date', by Jan Visser, 2005

Abandoning the "War" Between Science and the Humanities: One Student's Experiences, Sarah Halter, 2006

Materials elsewhere on the web

Storied Theory, by Roald Hoffman, 2005

Life and/or the Bigger Picture, a student forum conversation in Biology 103, 2005

Biology 202 Evolving: Notes for a Case Study of Teaching and Learning at Bryn Mawr, 2005

Organizational Storytelling, Steve Denning

A Continuation of Paul Grobstein's Theory of Science as Story Telling and Story Revising: A Discussion of its Relevance to History, Toni Weller, 2006

Science as Story Telling in Action
Context Theory Examples Resources On-Line Forum
A project initiated by the
Serendip/SciSoc 2005 summer working group

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