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Writing Descartes:
I Am, and I Can Think, Therefore ...

Starting Points
      Letter to René
      by Paul Grobstein


      Mind and Body: From René Descartes to William James

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Story Evolution:
Other Forms/Directions of Exploration

Becoming Versus Being

One Woman's Exploration: Expanding the Conversation Within and Without

What Next? ... An Interim Reflection (2 August 2004)

The How of Story-Sharing II

More on the Two Cultures: Science IS Story
(an exchange involving a social scientist, a humanist, and a scientist)

On Friendship and the Power to Change: A Conversation in Images

Body/Mind, Unconscious/Conscious, Treeness/Thinking: A Five Minute Story

Perceptual Experience and Bodily Action

The Life of Faith is Not a Life Without Doubt


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