The Story of Evolution
and the Evolution of Stories

The Evolution of the Story of Story Telling
Spring Semester 2007
17 April 2007

"We will experiment, in this course, with two interrelated and reciprocal inquiries:
whether the biological concept of evolution is a useful one in understanding the phenomena of literature
and whether literature contributes to a deeper understanding of evolution.

"Ever since Darwin, we live in a world of stories"?

Course as loopy inquiry, situated in time ...

Evolution as a process of discovery of what living organisms work

Linear ScienceSeriously Loopy Science
Science as a process of discovery of how to make sense of things

    On Beauty a descendent with variation of Howard's End

    Howard's End a groping toward connection of unconscious (non-narrative) and conscious (narrative)
    On Beauty a reaction, emphasizing the unconscious, trying to make it conscious/narrative

    A better (more generative?) story: repeatedly interconnecting the unconscious non-narrative and the conscious narrative

Literature as a process of discovery of possible stories
Bottom line (for me, for now) And on: The brain as a useful (generative?) framework for further exploration

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