Story of Evolution/Evolution of Stories
Bryn Mawr College
April 2, 2005

STILL More on Story Telling "Styles" and Preferences
... Categories?

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From the first pass:

and last time:

Sometimes generalizations serve as categories, whether they are completely accurate they will get the point across ... Jennifer

a real person, as seen through fragments of their own memoirs, becomes for the reader reduced to a caricature ... Michael

After reading Herculine Barbin, I feel like I am supposed think a certain way, that a message/moral is being imposed on me. ... Carolyn

Life, at least normally, isn't lived self-referentially ... Brittany

our intersex texts until now both deal with the transformation from female to male. So now, with two models of how people have done it I'm wondering: what would it be like for me? This is fanciful, I know. But how would my female childhood translate? What kind of man would I be?... Jessica

In other words, are Callie's feelings for the Obscure Object and Herculine Barbin's feelings for Sarah not directly influenced by their secret "male-ness" ? ... Arshiya

see also Sex I.D. from the BBC

The rest of that story ...


Perhaps Barbin was depressed (well to me she/he obviously was) but can we really say that the imbalance caused some kind of skewed perception on her part? Perhaps his/her unique (genetic) personality combined with her his/her unique cultural circumstances led to this chemical imbalance. Does this make her laments any less valid? ... Kate Shiner

"Thus, convinced of the wholly human origin of all that is human, a blind man eager to see who knows that the night has no end, he is still on the go. The rock is still rolling." ... Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus, 1942

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