Story of Evolution/Evolution of Stories
Bryn Mawr College
March 21, 2004

More on Story Telling "Styles" and Preferences
... Herculine Barbin

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my initial reactions to the story were at how much she sounded like a teenage girl, and while I understand that this is not the style of all teenage girls it resembles a generalization of the writing of modern teenage girls. Sometimes generalizations serve as categories, whether they are completely accurate they will get the point across ... Jennifer

Herculine Barbin's narration feels considerably more feminine ... Lauren

Barbin spends much more time discussing her/his emotions than Cal(lie), yet these emotions seem flat and frequently the details of what's causing them aren't discussed ... Becky

I'm a little confused as to how Camille ended up so, so depressed and mopey. I kept waiting for whatever catastrophe sent him over the edge, and the worst that ever happened was he got fired from the railroad job. And he seemed to think that being out of a job was the worst calamity that could ever happen to anyone. His endless moaning and melodrama got terribly annoying after a while.... Anjali

Herculine never really removes herself from the events of her story, to the point where her emotions overwhelm it ... Lauren

a real person, as seen through fragments of their own memoirs, becomes for the reader reduced to a caricature of melo-dramatic crisis ... Michael

After reading Herculine Barbin, I feel like I am supposed think a certain way, that a message/moral is being imposed on me. ... Carolyn

While she seems to have a keen mind for deconstructing complex psychological experiences, she never takes a step back from her immediate, emotional reactions to events ... Rebekah

Life, at least normally, isn't lived self-referentially ... Brittany

our intersex texts until now both deal with the transformation from female to male. So now, with two models of how people have done it I'm wondering: what would it be like for me? This is fanciful, I know. But how would my female childhood translate? What kind of man would I be?... Jessica

If Dr. Paul Grobstein ... believes that "both sex and gender are social constructs"...Does he also believe that that evolution of sexuality and sexual preference arose from social norms? ... In other words, are Callie's feelings for the Obscure Object and Herculine Barbin's feelings for Sarah not directly influenced by their secret "male-ness" ?

see also Sex I.D. from the BBC

These books will definitely at least sit together on my shelf, whether or not they're "related," although, who knows, they could each be carrying a distorted meme of some sort, and somewhere down the line, produce something unimaginable ... Tonda

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