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Making Sense of Diversity:
A Conversation at Bryn Mawr College

Calendar - Fall 2003

(Additions invited)
Wednesday, 3 SeptemberTBATBADessert SocialWomen of Color
Thursday, 4 SeptemberTBATBAQ ForumFreshmen
Tuesday, 9 September7-9 pmThomas Great Hall Town Hall Meeting: Diverse Identities: Living in Community All invited
Friday, 12 September5-7 pmWyndhamOn Target Welcome DinnerOn Target Participants
Friday, 12 September3-4 pmMulti-cultural Center Diversity Conversations
Moderator: Paul Grobstein
Reading: Biology and Diversity
All invited
Thursday, 25 September7-8:30pmCampus Center Main LoungeIntroduction to Sustained DialogueAll Invited
Friday, 26 SeptemberTBATBASustained Dialogue Follow-up information sessionAll Invited
Friday, 26 September3-4pmMulticultural CenterDiversity Conversations
Moderator: Anne Dalke
Reading: Blood Child, by Octavia Butler
All Invited
Thursday, 2 October12:00-1:30pmIntercultural Center at Swarthmore College Norma E. Cantu "Canicula: Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera"All Invited Bring Your Brown Bag Lunch
Thursday, 2 October4:30pmThomas Hall 224Norma E. Cantu "Chicana Identity and Traditions"ALL Invited
Tuesday, 7 October7:30pmThomas Great HallMaxine Hong KingstonPlease contact the Arts/Writing Program for ticket information
Friday,10 October3-4pmMulticultural CenterDiversity Conversations
Moderator: Ted Wong
Reading: Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, by Frank Wu (pgs 1-38)
All Invited

For copies of the reading contact Anne Dalke or Ted Wong

Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 October   Sustained Dialogue Moderator TrainingModerators
Monday, 20 October7:30pmThomas 224Dvora Yanow, Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California, Berkeley
"Category Errors and Race-Ethnic Identity: Classification by Administrative Practice"
All Invited
Friday, 24 October3-4pmMulticultural CenterDiversity Conversations
Moderators: Jodie Cohen, Education Program
Paula Arboleda, BMC '05
Topic: Experiences of Current Freshwomen: How are we actors here and how can we implement needed change?
All Invited

Refer to forum for additional information

Friday, 7 November3-4pmMulticultural CenterDiversity Conversations
Moderator: Juana Rodriguez
Topic: In Living Color: What is the sensory experience of being at Bryn Mawr College? What impact do space, color, and images have on how we experience our sense of place, and our place within it? When we think about what kind of place we want Bryn Mawr College to be, what do our wishes look like? What might it mean to make our community's commitment to diversity--in all its forms--visual?
All Invited

Explore some of the following links that document how different communities have come together through mural making
The Maestrapeace Mural
The Great Wall of LA
Philadelphia Mural Arts Project

Wednesday,12 November7-9pmThomas 110Louis Ortiz, Youth Program Coordinator of GALAEI
Jauna M. Rodriguez, Asst. Professor of English at BMC
"Queer Latinas: Beyond Borders of Gender, Sexuality, and Culture"
All Invited

Sponsored by the Cities Department and Mujeres

Thursday, 13 November5:30 pmThomas Great HallAnnual Ramadan DinnerAll Invited, donations requested, contact Zunera Mirza

Sponsored by the Muslim Students Association

Friday, 14 November7:30 pmThomas Great HallTraditions of SpiceAll Invited, contact Kuorkor Dzani

Sponsored by the African and Caribbean Students Association

Friday, 21 November3-4pmMulticultural CenterDiversity Conversations
Moderators: Mark Lord ,Theatre Program and Anne Dalke, English Dept.
"Performing Our Identities...and those of Others...and those of Stereotypes:
What does it feel and look like to perform our identity, the identities of others, and stereotypes?
Insights into the identities of Hamlet and the recent performance during the Rhoads Halloween party
All Invited
Thursday, 2 December7:30pmThomas Great HallAugust WilsonPlease contact the Arts/Writing Program for ticket information
Tuesday, 2 December8 pmThomas 110The Heart of the Matter: ON AIDS AS A WOMEN'S ISSUE
Unique and crucial... the film offers a rich collection of women's experiences and voices - African-American, Latina, white, lesbian, straight... a critical contribution to understanding the experiences and needs of women living with HIV and AIDS." --President, National Leadership Coalition on AIDS
All Invited
Wednesday, 3 December7:30 pmThomas 110International Human Rights and AIDS
Keynote Speaker Fernando Chang-Muy
All Invited
Thursday, 4 December8 pmThomas 110Pandemic Facing AIDS. ON THE FACES BEHIND THE NUMBERS
Pandemic does more than recount the grim statistics of the AIDS crisis. Through the powerful personal stories of an international group of individuals in Brazil, India, Russia, Thailand and Uganda, who, facing the specter of death, strive to live with meaning and die with dignity; the film reveals the faces behind the numbers." -- Miami International Film Festival
All Invited
Friday, December 5 3-4pmMulticultural CenterDiversity Conversations
Moderators: Jody Cohen, Education Dept and Prerna Srivastava, BMC 04
Topic: "The way in is through spaces...."
How can certain sorts of spaces generate a campus community that is actively conversing, verbally as well as non-verbally, about issues of diversity?
All Invited
Friday, 5 December 8pm Thomas Great HallSarah JonesPlease contact the Arts/Writing Program for ticket information