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PARTICIPANTS IN "Re-imagining Our Customs"

September 10, 2004

First Last Address
Natalie Abbott Merion 1st
Norma Altshuler Merion
Paula Arboleda Haffner German
Alnisa Bell Rhoads N.
Molly Bisset Denbigh
Arshiya Bose Denbigh 1st
Katie Campbell Glenmede
Nupur Chaudhury Pem West
Vanessa Christman Office of Intercultural Affairs
Jody Cohen Bettys-y-Coed
Anne Dalke English House
Sabrina Deeley Perry
Ethel Desmarais Office of Financial Aid
Frances Edwards Denbigh 1st
Akudo Ejelonu Glenmede
Kim Folkes Office of Financial Aid
Rachel Francois Denbigh 3rd
Misa Fujimura-Fanselow Pem West 1st
Tsega Gebreyesus Denbigh 3rd
Florence Goff Canaday
Romina Gomez Denbigh
Paul Grobstein Biology
J'London Hawkins Rhoads S.
Lu Mei He Pem East
Chuck Heyduk Dean's Office
Aia Hussein Rhoads N.
Claudine Johnson Perry
Felicia Korenstein Office of Financial Aid
Christine Lipuma Rock
Chris MacDonald-Dennis Office of Intercultural Affairs
Sarah Mackin Pem West 3rd
Em J Madsen Brecon
Michelle Mancini Dean's Office
Avery Miller Pem W.
Orah Minder Merion 3rd
Ari Mirick Denbigh
Janique S. Parrott Rhoads N.
Laurel Pellegrino Denbigh
Allison Petanic Pem West
Selene Platt Art/Arch/Cities/SciSoc
Jessie Posilkin N/A
Jackney Prioly
Shweta Ramaswamy Erdman
Gilda Rodriguez Haffner French
Jen Rusk off campus
Whitney Schlimbach Denbigh 1st
Maria Scott-Wittenborn Brecon
Jacqie Tarsitano Rock
Karen Tidmarsh Taylor
Nia Turner Perry
Hannah Upp Pem West
Melissa Yarborough Radnor

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