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Questions, Intuitions, Revisions:
Telling and Re-Telling Stories
About Ourselves in the World

Welcome to the home page of a College Seminar course at Bryn Mawr College (Fall 2004).


This course was co-designed by faculty members in English and Biology to explore the variety of ways in which we are all continually reaching for new understandings. Materials to be handled in the class include fairy tales, the nineteenth-century satire Flatland, Bertold Brecht's play The Life of Galileo, Jonathan Lethem's novel Motherless Brooklyn and reflections on topics ranging from linguistics and neurobiology to the culture of Bryn Mawr. In addition to long-established elements of inquiry--acting, enacting, observing, experimenting, reading, talking and writing--we will explore visual culture, the new potentials of the web and other aspects of developing information technology. Together, we will apprehend this wide range of literary, cultural and scientific stories, intuiting, imagining and revising what they might mean, continuously telling and re-telling them in an attempt to "get it less wrong." Students will be expected to contribute to the education of their colleagues as well as to people beyond the College by participating in an on-line forum and putting some of their writing on the web.

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