Has a Movie Scene Ever Had
Lasting Significance in Your Life?

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The study is now completed. Thank you for your help!

Dear Fellow Moviegoer,

What difference, if any, have extraordinary scenes in films made in your life? Has a scene(s) in a movie ever proved especially consequential (not just memorable, but of lasting significance in your life)? It may have taught you a worthwhile lesson, or provided a heroic model. Contrariwise, it may have left you forever scared of something, or provided a negative model.

I would appreciate your cooperation in a sociological study I have been conducting for the past five years—one to which over 500 film goers have thus far contributed.

If you believe a scene has had a MAJOR impact, I would appreciate your explaining this below at any length you choose (the more detailed, the better). If you have kept in your mind MORE than one such scene, please write up as many as you care to.

Everything you share, of course, will be treated as confidential, and no personal identities will ever be used in the writing I plan to do. Feel free to share this research invitation with any others, and do not hesitate to raise with me any questions it may stir. Thank you very much for your help. If you would like a copy of the research results, please do indicate as much.


Art Shostak, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Drexel University, 1967-2003
shostaka [at] drexel.edu
***This project is in no way affiliated with Drexel University and is entirely my own responsibility.***

1) What was the film, and what was the scene about?


2) In what ways has this scene been of lasting personal consequence?


3) How old were you when this scene had its impact?

4) Has the scene's impact on you changed since your first viewing of it?

No Yes

Please explain:


5) If you have not kept in mind any such scene, why might that be?

(Please check as many as apply)

Do not see movies in that way

Too hard to remember

Prefer to recall films in their entirety

Other please explain:


To help me put your thoughts in perspective, I have a few related background questions:


6) About how many movies a month do you see both at home and in the theater?

7) What kind of a moviegoer are you?

Very casual (Soon forget most of the film)

Casual (Occasionally discuss a movie with others)

Serious (Take reviews to heart; recommend movies)


8) Demographic Profile:


Male or Female


Highest Educational Degree/Diploma Earned:

9) Current employment (or, if retired, from what sort of most recent employment):

Professional or High-level Executive


White Collar (Office Employee; Sales Person, etc.)

Arts (Actress, Musician, Painter, Writer, etc.)

Services (Teaching, Social Work, Sales, Nursing, etc.)

Technician (Computer Repair, Watch Repair, etc.)

Blue Collar (Factory Worker, Truck Driver, etc.)

Other (please specify)

Currently retired (from a post also checked above)


Currently unemployed


10) How would you characterize the Social Class you identify with (as suggested by your Style of Life; your Gross Family Income; etc.)

Upper Class

Upper Middle Class

Middle Class

Working Class

Welfare Class


If you would like a copy of the results emailed to you, please enter your email address:

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