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Film Discussions On Line

Hosted on Serendip

The Serendip website is delighted to be hosting this on-line forum for conversation about films being shown at the new Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Serendip's long standing commitment to being "a gathering place for people ... to explore ... life" closely matches the Institute's objective "to provide a place for our comunity to meet, share ideas, have fun, and develop talents", and we're excited about working together.

Like all Serendip on-line forums, this is a place for informal public conversation, for thoughts in progress. Its a place to leave reactions and ideas of your own that others might find useful, and a place to find things that others have said that might be useful to you. Different people find different sorts of things interesting, so don't worry about that. And don't worry about that you might change your mind about something later. That's the idea, to think aloud together and discover how it changes the way each of us thinks (not only visitors to the Bryn Mawr Film Institute but others around the world who might drop in too). You're welcome to stop by, read, and write as often as you like.

Welcome to an exploration of a new way of sharing thoughts and ideas so as to make a richer life for everyone. Join in, and let's see what we can make together.


Film: Fast Food Nation

Film: An Inconvenient Truth

Film: Thank You For Smoking

Film: Brokeback Mountain

Film: "Crash"

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