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Thinking Broadly:
Notes of a Public Intellectual

Commentaries on the human condition by Paul Grobstein
Some times one wants an expert. Other times one wants ... a broad view, the kinds of ideas that may not occur to people standing close enough to the trees to know them intimately and depend instead on standing back a bit so one can see similarities among trees, between trees and mountains, between ecosystems and societies and ... .

Paul Grobstein is co-founder of the Serendip website as well as Eleanor A. Bliss Professor Biology and Director of the Center for Science in Society at Bryn Mawr College. A biologist and neurobiologist by training, he likes to stand back a bit.

The occasional essays indexed here are written from this vantage point, and are offered for whatever use they might be to others wherever they might be standing. More recent essays are accompanied by on-line forums, where readers are warmly invited to comment on them and leave their on thoughts on how the matters described look from their own perspectives.

A key presumption of all of these essays is that the greater the number of perspectives from which one can look the better off we all are, individually and collectively.

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