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Science/Religion Clash?
1 August 2006

"Faith, Reason, God, and Other Imponderables: Examining the Clash between Science and Religion", Science Times, New York Times, 25 July 2006 To the editor:

A "clash" between science and religion exists only in the minds of those who prefer to see human affairs as a confrontation between good and evil. Others of us prefer to see human interactions as ongoing conversations among people who for mutual benefit share with each other their own individual experiences, thoughts, and ideas. For "conversationalists", like myself, the existence of diverse stories of humanity and its place in the universe is a virtue rather than a problem. The diversity has been and will always be the essential generative soil from which new useful stories emerge.

Paul Grobstein
Director, Center for Science in Society
Bryn Mawr College

Image by Rachel Grobstein
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