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Science as Exploration/Story Telling and
The Brain as a Scientist/Explorer/Story Teller

Delaware Valley Friends School
18 October 2006

"Delaware Valley Friends School is a place where students become "daring." I am not speaking of risk taking in the familiar sense of challenging the limits of physical welfare; nor am I speaking of daring as an impulsive act but rather as a deliberated act. I am speaking of students daring to disturb the DVFS universe and their own"

... and that of others?

Science has the potential to be what we all collectively need as we evolve into a world wide community: a nexus point that encourages and supports the evolution of shared human stories of exploration and growth, an evolution in which all human beings are involved and take pride. For this to happen, we all need to work much harder to not only reduce the perception of science as a specialized and isolated activity of the few but to make it in fact the product and property of all human beings ... Revisiting Science in Culture

A commitment to "the continual enhancement of the ability of individuals to shape their own futures, to be casual and creative agents in their own lives, and to make distinctive and useful contributions to the lives of others" ... The Business of Mental Health

To help all involved to become better inquirers, to enhance every individual's capability to evolve, and to influence their own evolution. Science and science education has a special role to play in this, by sharing the perspectives and skills of getting it less wrong, of not only making sense of the world but conceiving new ways to make sense of oneself and the place of oneself and others in the world ... The Business of Education

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