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Graduating and
Presenting Final Projects
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Jack "worm poop" Marine
Science Lesson: What's on the surface?

"What's buried but not lost?"
"Thing go through a lot of change."
"We'll have to kill some insects."
"Do you do this without telling
them what they are looking for?"

Carolyn "how do you feel?" Tyson
Science: A Sense of Place

"How do you feel--in a variety of places?"
"I want to elicit their experiences."
Using memory boxes, to represent "who I am,"
what my place is in the universe.
Exploring the whole history of the city of Philadelphia,
as a built environment.
"Do we have the facilities we need,
to serve all the people who live here?"

Cynthia "think about the babies" Henderson
The Solar System

"Lord have mercy!"
VAKT: "visual/auditory/
kinesthestic/tactile learning"
KWH: "What I Know/What I Want
to Know/What I Learned"--
How to keep this brainstorming exercise from
being a "cover" for a search-for-right-answers?
How to keep the students engaged who
"know something/want to know something"
that isn't what the class is learning about?

Deidre "incorporate" Bennett and
Dalia "s-h-o-o-o" Gorham
Integrating A "Sense of Place"
Into the Fundamentals

" Exploring the real world @ 52nd and Pine,"
by going to Malcolm X Park
during each season of the year:
looking @ how plants differ.
Gathering different kinds of dirt?
Making mobiles that aren't linear--
that show the whole water cycle?

Mingh "'cause I say so" Whitfield

"Time is a fuzzy thing @ my age group."
"I will invite the students to be scientists.
I want to get students away from the notion that
scientists are something other than themselves.
I want to teach them what scientists do:
look at things, observe them, take notes.
It's just noticing things and documenting changes."

Deborah "give me your eyes" Hazen
A Sense of Place

"What good questions did you ask today?"
"This is a set-up: I want to activate
the part that thinks spatially."
"I want to walk them to the ends of Landsdowne.
I want them to find their own Walden."

Regina "I hate this!" Toscani
Exploration of Maps
The Value of Place

"My kids know what it means to be different, and
what it means not to have a sense of place.
I want them to learn that we all
have different places."
Expanding the domestic management curriculum
(about how to keep clean in our houses): asking
questions about where we live, and about how
life changes depending on our location.
"Lines on the map are like fences.
But they are imaginary lines:
you don't trip over them."

Jennifer "why you matter" Harris
Ice Cream in a Bag

Designing a sequence of lessons, moving
from "why you matter to this universe"
to exploring different forms of matter.

Judith "water, water" Lucas-Odom
Water, Water, Where Are Thou?
A Historical Trip Through Chester's Watershed

"Our bodies are molded rivers."
"Their thoughts are never heard."
"This is an open situation:
they have no experience."

Marita "nutrition" Wagner
Understanding Food Labels

Thinking about careers-> about medicine ->
about examining the body -> about disease ->
about nutrition.
Thinking about the food we eat.
How 'bout thinking about where we
"place" our tongues in our mouths?

Charles "gotta get outta here" Foster
What Do You See?

In a neighborhood in transition, it's
difficult to ask parents what it used to be like.
Where can the children learn this history?
They can learn to do careful observations:
"what do these pictures tell you?"

Awarding of Certificates

A Singing Summary and Graduating Song

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