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Performative Assessments

(See also photographs.)

The challenge:
Standardized tests are thought to be most effective.
There is no comparable way of assessing inquiry-based education.

And the possibility:
It's not a barrier.
It's an opportunity for the agent to interact with its environment.
It changes its environment.

(Thanks again to Randal Holley for this articulation.)

Teresa Albers "Simply Living Life"
Cleatious Dobbins "Change is a Composer That Writes Its own Song"
Cynthia Henderson A Song Medley: "Change"
Randal Holly Assessing What We Know about Tyrannosaurs
Connie Kane Surprising Design: An Interactive Collage
Saroja A. Nadig Garden of Butterflies
Judith Lucas-Odom The Cheese Ball Solvent, Solute, Solution Activity--plus Saga and Solution!
Margaret Robertson "Using What We Have"
Antoinette Sisco Soliman ??
Claudette Stone "I learned that..."
Geneva Tolliferreo "Truth Doesn't Change. Facts Change All the Time."
Julie Williams Meteorology: Before and After the Institute
Tiffany Williams Letter to My Fam

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