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Making Sense of Change:
Summer Institute on Hands-On Science
Throughout the Curriculum

(July 25-August 5, 2005)

Day 4: Moving from Changing Behavior to Biological Evolution

Kim's talk on changing behavior spurred a range of responses from us:

Geneva: We do not create these behaviors and in most cases do not support them.


Connie: I don't see how the behaviorists can actually change a student's behavior.

Saroja: it is extremly important to control the undesirable behavior in the class room.

Cleat: What to do...what to do???...Much of what I do instinctively, or unconsciously

Margaret:I wonder about the difference in expectations when culture in taken into consideration?

Tiffany : my theory on THEIR BEHAVIOR was rooted in MY BEHAVIOR. So I now am now questioning how my behavior determines their behavior.

Julie? : it is impossible to use a script for every child's problems....However, some classes need a little more (or a lot more) direction.

Teresa : The majority of the children respond quite well to being the decision maker for their choice of behaviors.

Judith: The afternoon session seemed to go back to the idea that we must look at behavior problems as just that, behavior problems!!!...Trying to control things that we have no control over can be the behavior that we must change.

Antoinette: Im fighting tooth, and nail against the behavorilaist approach to learning and education, it seems to take personal responsibility and individuality.

Here's what Anne learned from Kim:

And these are Anne's questions: