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Making Sense of Change:
Summer Institute on Hands-On Science
Throughout the Curriculum

(July 25-August 5, 2005)

...the earth and all therein, the sky
And all thereunder change and change again,
We too ourselves, who of this world are part,
Not only flesh and blood but pilgrim souls....
Ovid. Metamorphosis (1-8 A.C.E.)

All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
Is Change....

Earthseed: The Books of the Living
Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower (1993)

Photograph by Paul Grobstein, of a faulted shale-limestone block
(from 458 million years ago) which commemorates the founding of the
Bryn Mawr College Department of Geology in1895.

Welcome to the home page of a Summer Institute on "Making Sense of Change," held at Bryn Mawr College in 2005. Like others in the series, this Institute is designed to bring together college faculty and K-12 teachers to discuss current understandings of about teaching hands-on science throughout the curriculum. The Institutes are sponsored by Bryn Mawr College and the Bryn Mawr/Haverford K-16 Collaborations in Science and Mathematics Education with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, July 25 Welcome! (Anne Dalke, English and Wil Franklin, Biology)
Cosmology: Change on a BIG Scale (Elizabeth McCormack, Physics)
This talk is based on materials found @ Universe: Cosmology 101.
Tuesday, July 26 Chemical Cosmology
Changes on a Molecular Scale (Terry Newirth, Chemistry)
Alchemy and Oxidation
Acid Rain
Hands-On Science and Math: A Collection of Lesson Plans
Wednesday, July 27 Change on a Human Scale (Kim Cassidy, Psychology)
A.M. Changes in Problem Solving
P.M. Changing Behavior
Thursday, July 28 Biological Evolution (and Revolution?) (Paul Grobstein, Biology)
Friday, July 29 A.M. Mini-symposium on K-16 collaboration
P.M. Fitting It All Together (Anne Dalke and Wil Franklin, English and Biology)
Monday, August 1 Metamorphosis in Literature (Anne Dalke, English)
Tuesday, August 2 Introduction to "Choice"(Wil Franklin, Biology)
Caterpillers and Butterflies Make Choices
Wednesday, August 3 Turning from Caterpillars and Butterflies to Rocks
Gradual Change, Global Change--(Don Barber, Geology)
Thursday, August 4 Making "Cents" of Change
FIT or unFIT: The Impact of Internet Technology (J.D. Dougherty, Computer Science)
Friday, August 5 Performing Change
Performative Assessment: Sharing The Changes We've Made--or Hope To

How can we make change "stick" without being "stuck"?
Cf. Malcolm Gladwell, "The Stickiness Factor," The Tipping Point (2002)

Daily Schedule

8:30-9 Coffee and Muffins
9-10:30 Session with Guest Facilitator
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-12 Session continues
12-1 Lunch
1-2:30 Individual Applications to Our Classrooms
2:30-2:45 Coffee Break
2:45-4 Individual Applications continue

Post-institute Assignment

Post-institute Evaluation

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