Session 4

The Web as an Educational Tool,
and Incentive for "Getting It Less Wrong"

The promise and possibilities

Mining the Web

Web Authoring

General Assignment

During the rest of the institute, use afternoons to learn/discover/think about something you have been/are becoming interested in and develop a new inquiry-based ("open-ended, transactional") lesson that you will use in your classes next year. Use the web to learn/discover/think and develop a web resource that you (and others) can use in relation to your new class lesson.

"The point is that thinking, and being able to think, is the only way to make anything BETTER than it is, and sure there's a risk in that but its a hell of a lot better then sitting in one place and trying to hold everything together, particularly when it isn't really quite what you want and you know damned well that its all going to come apart one way or another anyhow. Thinking IS fun ..."

This Isn't Just MY Problem, Friend

Find something you think is fun. Play with it, learn about it, create a frame of words/ideas/questions around it, so your students will think it is fun too. And learn from it. As you do.

Have fun. So you can help your students have fun too. Everybody will be happier ... and learn more.

Today's Assignment

First day: Create an index page with your name, photo, some things that represent you from which you will link to other pages you create.

Second day: Add a resources page where you can collect materials you will may use for your lesson. Try and finds things that allow people to have experiences (perhaps interactive, perhaps not) from which they (and you) can develop interpretations/stories that can in turn be modified based on new observations.

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