Session 15

Generalized Control Mechanisms: Mood, Emotion, Creativity, Self

Review: perception a distributed process, involves testing and retesting, much unconscious with potential, useful "I-function" involvement - "reality" an hypothesis, supported by sharing of perspectives, a social construction

From I-function to Story TellerFrom Distributed to Coherent
From Individual to Social

Although there are multiple ways in which the brain determines depth, it seems to me that there is some hierarchy in these methods ... Glenn

I loved the discussion about how we have at least 6 ways to determine depth with our sight. Which one do we use? Whichever works ... Annabella

Just Another Face in the Crowd ...

I keep coming back to the idea that reality is subjective. What are the ramifications for the classroom? Everyone is seeing things differently, making up their own stories? Do I try to interpret that regarding individual students, or simply find a broadband reality that works within our comfort levels? At this point, I kind of feel that I ought to Leave teaching and find a job as a fire spotter somewhere far away... part of my struggle with applying what we are learning to the classroom is that I already DO a lot of storytelling with my students. We observe things, then we describe what we observed. Every observation is given equal weight, no matter how different it is. From here, we try to develop a "story" that works for everyone, including me. Gayle

Generalized control mechanisms

Key points:

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