On Serendip

Brain and Behavior Institute, 2005
Session 2
Being a Scientist/Explorer/Creator (Practice)
Trying Out Starting Wherever We Are, Getting it Less Wrong

Science is a tool to help one become better at thinking for oneself

at using observations to make one's own stories that motivate new observations that motivate new stories that one shares with others Science education should help people become better at thinking for themselves at ongoing, shared, exploration and creation That was the theory, now the practice ...

An Example: The World of Langton's Ant

After working through the rest of The World of Langton's Ant (including Notes on Education):

Put your thoughts about your experience in the institute forum area to help others think too. Could you use this particular exhibit in your class? How would you need to present it? How does it help (or not help) you in thinking about science and education?(see responses)

And Another:

EITHER try out another Serendip on-line lesson OR begin finding some observations that you can build your own lesson plan around