Monday, 11 July Being a scientist/explorer/creator (theory) Being a scientist/explorer/creator (practice)
Tuesday, 12 JulyThe brain as scientist/explorer/creator: Nested boxes and diversity/changeThe bipartite brain: The frog and the story teller
Wednesday, 13 JulyUsing the Internet and Wiki, a new tool The Internet 2
Thursday, 14 JulyMaking Choices (KC)Internet 3
Friday, 15 JulyNeurons and how they work: autonomy, variability, inhibition The Internet 4
Monday, 18 JulyThe output side of the nervous system: autonomy, homeostasis, distributed systems, genes/learning, modelsThe Internet 5
Tuesday, 19 JulyThe input side of the nervous system: "reality" and expectation, multiple perspectives and diversityThe Internet 6
Wednesday, 20 JulyGeneralized control mechanisms: mood, emotion, creativity, selfDrugs/stress/anxiety (ET)
Thursday, 21 JulyThe story teller, rationality, learning as a social activityInternet 7
Friday, 22 JulyWhere we've come from, where we can go: Implications for education Seeing what has been done with the Internet

KC: Kim Cassidy, Department of Psychology, Bryn Mawr College
ET: Earl Thomas, Department of Psychology, Bryn Mawr College

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