Brain and Behavior Institute, 2003
Session 2
Starting Wherever We Are ... The Brain

Recapitulation and prospectus

Diversity, as a positive benefit

Science as exploration, not "Truth"

Story-telling, imagine and reflect, start where are, get "less wrong" and enjoy it

Life as exploration, no "objective", order/emergence from interactivity

Brain (nervous system) = behavior, includes "self", "there isn't anything else?"

Brain as an explorer?

(passive or active?)

Education as an exploration?

(passive or active?)

Thinking about how the brain (nervous system) works (if Dickinson right)

Is the real brain (nervous system) actually that way?

What most interests you about what we've talked about so far? In what ways might it be relevant in your classroom? What would you like to learn more about yourself using the internet? Write some thoughts/questions in the institute forum area.