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Brain and Behavior Institute, 2003
Session 6
Kim Cassidy:
Thinking About/Recognizing Individual Variation

ActivityHow It Helped/HinderedAre Others Like This?How Changed Behavior?What is Helpful/Hurtful?Why Are You Like This?
curiousity/learninggood for selfcontinuumtry new things, adventures, open, hopefulothers like you, have opportunities, lack time/moneyresponse to limitations from within
manual pencil sharpeningcan be embarrassingcontinuumuse alternative methodsget others to doleft-handed, learned "wrong way"
footballinstill self-discipline, good healthcotinuumphysical health became prioritysituations w/ collaborationgenetics, environment
knittingsource of interest, stress reliever, outcomecontinuumlower stress, better self-esteem, keeps awakemoney, time, prohibitiongenetic, environment
being a professionalbeing successful in field, increases ability to think at a higher levelcontinuumfrustrated with other's without skill, made toleranthaving situation where can use to make a differenceformative experience of challenge
taking criticisminterpersonal relationships not opencontinuumdon't take risksothers harsh comments, take time to talk to yougenetics and environment
readingassignments difficult, frustrated, self-esteem, not follow thingscontinuumavoid reading, act out, find alternative one is good atsomeone doing inappropriate levelgenetics and environment

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