Monday, 8 July Science, life, brains, education The nervous system as nested boxes
Tuesday, 9 JulyNeurons and their interconnections; The "I-function"Serendip's Evolving Web Principles ... Using the internet (PG, JR)
Wednesday, 10 JulyNeurons, chemicals, time, excitation/inhibition, autonomyThe internet 2 (PG, JR)
Thursday, 11 JulyNeuropharmacology: drugs, stress, anxiety (ET) The internet 3 (JR)
Friday, 12 JulyK-16 Collaborations: A Discussion (LC) The internet 4 (JR)
Monday, 15 JulyThe output side of the nervous system: autonomy, models, homeostasisoutput side continued
Tuesday, 16 JulyThe input side of the nervous system: "reality" and expectationThe internet 5
Wednesday, 17 JulyIntrinsic Variability: Creativity, and Generalized Control Mechanisms: Mood and EmotionVariations in learning styles/abilities (KC)
Thursday, 18 JulyRationality and the "I-function"Internet 6
Friday, 19 JulyThe I-function, Rationality, Learning - Where We've Come from, Where We Can Go Implications for education Seeing what has been done with the internet

KC: Kim Cassidy, Department of Psychology, Bryn Mawr College
LC: Lisa Chirlian, Department of Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College
DK: Earl Thomas, Department of Psychology, Bryn Mawr College
JR: Jan Richard, Department of Biology, Bryn Mawr College

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