Brain and Behavior Insitute, 2002
Session 14
The I-function, Rationality, Learning - Where We've Come from, Where We Can Go


"intrinsic variability", exploration/creativity, dreaming, I-function, generalized control mechanisms, mood/emotion mood and emotion

self? - blend of unconscious and I-function - sleep walking

The Brain as a Scientist, Explorer, Story-Teller

I-function tells/retells story of self, as unconscious tells/retells story of world?

Emily Dickinson?

So, what DOES all this have to do with education (life) ... ?

The bottom line (in progress)

you are a unique and valuable individualthey are unique and valuable individuals
you know more than you think you dothey know more than they (and you) think they do
you are equipped to learn, to get it less wrong, and want tothey are equipped to learn, to get it less wrong, and want to
education is explorationeducation is exploration
you need a classroom rich enough to explorethey need a classroom rich enough to explore
we're all in this togetherwe're all in this together
together we can get it "less wrong"together we can get it "less wrong"
and have funand have fun

Trust where you are at any given time
Share stories

And repeat, over and over and over again
("getting it less wrong" - its what your brain, and everyone else's, is "designed" to do)

Thanks for telling your stories. listening to mine, learning from each other. Let's keep it up.


Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing
there is a field.
I'll meet you there.

...... Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th century Sufi poet

What SINGLE observation or idea/story (summary of observations) from this summer's institute do you think will have most impact on your future teaching? Write thoughts in Institute Forum Area

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