a schedule of conversations

Oct 19 2005
Transcending the Human Condition
Maria Scott-Wittenborn

Oct 26 2005
Beyond Post-Modernism: Evaluating Stories
Paul Grobstein

Nov 2 2005
Gender and the Judiciary: The Public Response to John Roberts versus Harriet Miers
Megan Rowley

Nov 9 2005
Against School: The Philosophy of Unschooling and Autodidacticism
Rebekah Baglini

Nov 16 2005
Beyond Theory: Working to Sustain Mixed-income Mixed-race Communities
Lucy Kerman

Nov 23 2005

Nov 30 2005
The Contextual, The Transcendent...and the Space Between?
Elizabeth Catanese and Anne Dalke

Dec 7 2005
Post-Transcendence: The End of Ethics?
Anne Dalke

what is u-bar?

Ever find yourself wondering about the universe and your place in it?

The Universe Bar is a gathering of individuals interested in an informal exploration of questions that matter.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and interests, and value contributions from all segments of academia (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences) and beyond.

Conversations take place every Wednesday in the English House Lounge at Bryn Mawr College, from 8-9:30pm. Need directions?

All are welcome.

For more information, contact Maria Scott-Wittenborn.

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