Women Living Well Seminar

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Women Living Well is a six-week seminar addressing women's health care and wellness issues. The seminar is designed for women in the Bryn Mawr College community and as a cross generational forum. The program began in the spring of 2000 as a joint venture among the Alumnae Association, the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, and the Department of Athletic and Physical Education, and has since partnered with the Center for Science and Society. The focus of the seminar is to educate, discuss, engage, and encourage women in the Bryn Mawr College community to be knowledgeable stewards of their health care and well being.

For further information, contact Amy Campbell, Director of Athletics and Physical Education.


March 18Opening Discussion1Toba Kerson, Paul Grobstein, Kaye Kerr, Mary Beth Davis, Wendy Greenfield, Amy Campbell
March 20Migraine Headaches and Stress2Larry Kerson
March 27Anxiety2Earl Thomas
April 3Exercise and Mental Health2Kate Fonshell
April 10Depression1Paul Grobstein
April 17Women and Addiction2Karen Levin
April 24Sleep Deprivation and Performance1Grace Pien

(Meetings are from 12-1 in 1Thomas 110 and 2ElyRoom, Wyndham)

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