Women Living Well Seminar

Mind and Body Connection


Name:  Amy Campbell
Username:  acampbel@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  First Forum Comment for Response
Date:  2002-03-18 13:36:01
Message Id:  1501
This on-line forum will be used to create a 'virtual conversation' about various topics/issues raised by our speakers. Please respond each week to the comment or question.

By Wednesday, March 20th

Introduce yourself and briefly describe how you define 'wellness', what does 'wellness' mean to you?

Name:  Diana La Femina
Username:  dlafemin@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Introduction/Wellness
Date:  2002-03-18 14:10:44
Message Id:  1502
Hi. My name is Diana La Femina and I'm a frosh here at Bryn Mawr. What is wellness? That's a tough question. I guess the easiest answer is basic health on all levels: mind, body, and "spirit" (whatever that entails). That doesn't quite hit the nail on the head, however. I guess wellness is a floating term with no real definition (unless you look it up in the dictionary or something...CHEATERS!!!), but just an encompassment of a broad and fuzzy idea. That's my deal, anyway.
Name:  Liz Bonovitz
Username:  ebonovit@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Introduction/Wellness
Date:  2002-03-18 14:22:08
Message Id:  1503
Hi, my name is Liz Bonovitz. I'm a Sophomore Poli Sci major. I think wellness is the combination of physical, mental and emotional health. It seems like if you're missing one, you can't really be "well." Maybe it will be easier to pin down a definition of wellness after we're all done with this course...
Name:  Tasneem P.
Username:  tpaghdiw@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Holistic Health
Date:  2002-03-18 14:49:00
Message Id:  1504
I'm Tasneem Paghdiwala, a sophomore English major. I think that wellness is a holistic idea,
a combination of physical, mental and some sort of broadly defined spiritual/philosophical
understanding. Without health in one area, the other areas can suffer, leaving you feeling
"unwell" or "sick" in a physical or mental way.
Name:  H.A.
Username:  haryani@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  wellness
Date:  2002-03-18 15:36:40
Message Id:  1505
My name is H.A.. I'm a sophomore Sociology major. The concept of wellness extends throughout the physical, mental and emotional spheres to me. There needs to be a balance within each, while providing an overall sense of stability and health for an individual. How to reach these standards of health is what I hope to learn from this seminar...
Name:  Sara Press
Username:  spress@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  intro
Date:  2002-03-18 16:09:00
Message Id:  1506
Hello, my name is Sara Press and I am a Junior economics major. Wellness, to me, means body, mind, and soul wellness, or feeling and looking healthy and happy (perhaps). I am really not too sure.
Name:  Jennings
Username:  amayne@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  excitment
Date:  2002-03-18 16:16:45
Message Id:  1507
I am very excited about this upcoming course. I am looking forward to learning alot all of the people introduced today in class seemed very knowledgable. I hope I can gain some of thier knowledge to better know my body and self by the end of this class.
Name:  Ashley Garrigan
Username:  lgarriga@brynmawr.edu
Date:  2002-03-18 16:41:51
Message Id:  1508
Hi, my name is Ashley Garrigan, and I'm a sophomore Political Science major. Let's see...what does "wellness" mean to me? I feel like I should have a handle on this since I took that course for PE credit last semester. I guess I would say that wellness entails eating well as trying to do right by your body and mind.
Name:  Shanze Munir
Username:  smunir@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  intro
Date:  2002-03-18 16:42:02
Message Id:  1509
Hi, I'm Shanze. I'm a freshman. I'm from Pakistan but have lived almost all my life in the Philippines. I think wellness has to do with being physically and mentally fit.
Name:  Nicole Pietras
Username:  npietras@brynmawr.edu
Date:  2002-03-18 16:57:34
Message Id:  1510
Hi, my name is Nicole Pietras and I am a sophmore, Biology Major with a concentration in Neuroscience. I define "wellness" as the harmony of the mind and body. What this means is the brain and body functioning as one. When one of the two is not working properly due to lack of sleep, sickness, or stress, then the person is not considered "well".
Name:  Nana Ama Adom-Boakye
Username:  nadomboa@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-18 17:06:13
Message Id:  1512
My name is Nana Ama Adom-Boakye. Am a sophomore math and econ double major at Bryn Mawr. I guess my colleagues have said it all..Wellness is being fit physically and Mentally.
Name:  Monica Locsin
Username:  mlocsin@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-18 17:13:58
Message Id:  1513
Hi! I am Monica Locsin and I am from the Philippines. I am currently a freshman at BMC and I plan on majoring in English or Political Science. I believe that wellness is about the way an individual is towards her health and personal well-being which includes her emotional outlook on life.
Name:  Molly Finnegan
Username:  mfinnega@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-18 18:44:00
Message Id:  1514
I'm Molly, a freshman, probably a hist of art or eng major. I think wellness means being conscious and centered in your body and mind. For me personally, wellness depends on whether or not I have creative outlets. Art is physically, emotionally, and spiritually therapeutic. If I'm not engaged in creative, intellectual work I get depressed.
Name:  Kate Lenahan
Username:  klenahan@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-18 18:59:15
Message Id:  1515
Hi, I'm Kate and I'm a sophomore Political Science and possible Spanish major. To me, wellness means having a balanced life so that your mind and body can function at its best. This includes eating right, exercising, having fun, having responsibility, having people you can count on...etc....
Name:  Ana Salzberg
Username:  asalzber@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Intro
Date:  2002-03-18 20:20:42
Message Id:  1516
I'm Ana Salzberg, a freshman. For me, "wellness" is a combination of emotional and physical well-being that can be affected and/or determined by outside factors.
Name:  Lelani
Username:  lsanchez@hotmail.com
Subject:  Week 1
Date:  2002-03-18 21:09:10
Message Id:  1517
Hey all. I'm Lelani--second year fine arts major. I'm not too sure how I would classify wellness...But I hope this seminar will help me get grounded and healthier--or at least force me to think about it more...:P
Name:  Rachel Wright
Username:  rwright@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  a greeting
Date:  2002-03-19 00:11:14
Message Id:  1519
Hi, I'm Rachel Wright, a junior English major with a concentration in creative writing. I spent last semester abroad in London and I feel like that time, coupled with the realization that I will be a senior next year, has shaped my current idea of what wellness is. Right now, i think that it means being physically fit, but as a means to an end, that end being a balance in life-- an attention to one's mental and emotional health through physical fitness and vice versa.
Name:  Jennifer Vaughan
Username:  jvaughan@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-19 14:02:35
Message Id:  1520
Hello, I'm Jennifer Vaughan, a sophomore physics and math major. Wellness seems to be a state in which one's physical, mental, and emotional conditions are all optimal or nearly so. The definition of optimal and the variation permitted will depend on the person and the situation.
Name:  Marie Brown
Username:  mgbrown@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Introduction
Date:  2002-03-19 18:55:33
Message Id:  1521
My name is Marie Brown and I am a sophomore history major. I think it is interesting that most of the postings contain a three pronged definition to wellness: mind, body, and spirit. Until recently Western medicine has defined wellness simply in terms of the body. To be "well" was to be free of "disease" and "deformity." I would agree with everyone here in saying that wellness includes much more than just the physical body. However, I am hesitant about the linear imagery of "balance." I think Monday's comments about mind, body, and spirit operating in a circular fashion is much more accurate (although more difficult to grasp).
Name:  Barbara Cathcart
Username:  bcathcar@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-19 19:36:56
Message Id:  1523
Hi, my name is Barbara Cathcart and I'm a junior philosophy major. I think the term 'wellness' refers to a standard (both personal and social) for physical and, recently, psychological health. This standard is determined by the expectations and demands of our society and our own personal goals and ambitions. If our bodies and minds are healthy enough to allow us to pursue these goals and live up to these expectations, we consider ourselves 'well'- fit for the environment in which we find ourselves and for the life plan (however determinate) we have set for ourselves. This health standard is especially important to us today, since it is precisely how we judge a person's agency in court and, among other things, determine the distribution of health services.
Name:  Faye McGrath
Username:  fmcgrath@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Intro & Wellness
Date:  2002-03-19 22:03:16
Message Id:  1525
Faye McGrath
future philosophy major
At the moment, I think I would define wellness as the state of being "normal", when you have no mental or physical limitations, and can reasonably reach all of your goals.
Name:  Sarah G. Kim
Username:  sgkim@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  wellness introduction
Date:  2002-03-19 22:53:10
Message Id:  1527
Hi, I'm a senior history major 2 months away from graduation, and pleased as plum about it. The ironic thing about health and well being is that no one really notices it enough to define it until they are unwell. No one really thinks 'wow, today im healthy', but when sick or injured, the status of your unwellness is very clear. I think it's important to be aware of one's wellness before it is too late.
Name:  Sherolyn Oh
Username:  soh@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-19 23:03:24
Message Id:  1529
Hi, my name is Sherolyn and I'm a senior majoring in Psychology. When I think of wellness, the first thing that comes to mind is physical health. I think physical health is maintained by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and sleeping 6-8 hours a night. After reading some other comments, I realize that mental and emotional health are also important aspects of wellness. Since mental health and physical health seem to affect each other, we need to learn how to take care of our bodies and deal effectively with situations to maintain our wellness.
Name:  Greta Tessman
Username:  gtessman@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-19 23:38:46
Message Id:  1530
My name is Greta Tessman and I'm a junior psychology major/econ minor. As a woman that is now "twenty something", wellness has become more of a salient issue for me. It means not only eating properly, taking vitamins, exercising, and getting enough sleep, but also having an overall feeling of happiness and well-being. That means reducing stress, laughing, hanging out with friends--making time for myself. Wellness is 80% mental.
Name:  student contributor
Date:  2002-03-20 01:47:58
Message Id:  1532
hi! my name's student contributor. i'm a junior soc major, psych minor. over the past few years i've come to believe that wellness is largely dependent on happiness. it's not a very physical thing for me. it's more about how content you are with yourself, your life and environment. i think of dissatisfaction like a sickness that you need to treat just as much as you'd try to fix a bodily ailment. i don't think you can ever truly be well unless you are content.
Name:  Elizabeth Marcus
Username:  emarcus@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-20 10:31:33
Message Id:  1536
My name is Liz Marcus and I'm a frosh. As of now I am throughly undecided in my major although I'm thinking of designing an independent major that deals with urban issues. To me wellness is a feeling of well-being, a feeling of energy and health. In order to acheive wellness, one's mind and body must oth be in good condition.
Name:  Alia Preston
Username:  apreston@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Hello Forum!
Date:  2002-03-20 10:35:03
Message Id:  1537
Hey everyone! I'm Alia Preston, I'm a junior history major.
What about wellness? Well, I think that my answer will be basically the same as everyone elses, which doesn't shock me one bit. I look at wellness as a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health or atleast the constant strive for that health and balance. I view wellness as a fluid ideal that changes from person to person and can only be defined individually as a goal that is really rather vague and arbitrary.
Name:  Rabia Qureshi
Username:  rqureshi@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Wellness
Date:  2002-03-20 11:02:51
Message Id:  1539
Good day. My name is Rabia Qureshi and I am a senior Political Science/Spanish major. Wellness seems to be an issue that is scrutinized mainly when one's health begins to deteriorate. I would prefer however to learn preventive healthcare means.
Name:  Adrienne Leonard
Username:  a2leonar@brynmawr.edu
Date:  2002-03-20 11:37:57
Message Id:  1540
My name is Adrienne and I'm a sophomore Physics major. I guess my idea of wellness is, as some people have already said on this forum, a combination of mental and physical health and well-being. It is a rather vague notion, and one that is a lot easier to envision than to actually define.
Name:  Jennifer Prince
Username:  jprince@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  Sorry this may show up twice
Date:  2002-03-20 15:55:26
Message Id:  1547
I'm a sophmore here at this place called Bryn Mawr College. What is wellness? I think this is clearly an idea open to total interpretation. Wellness seems to be more of idea that one concluded bythemselves. I think that suggestions can always be made to guide someone along the path of leading a life full of health and 'wellness'. However I believe the rules change for each person.
Name:  Mariah Schumacher
Username:  mschumac@brynmawr.edu
Subject:  What wellness means
Date:  2002-03-27 10:15:46
Message Id:  1612
Hi, my name is Mariah and I'm a senior chem major. For me, wellness is a balance between mental, physical and emotional health. The three seem to be in a feedback loop in which each feeds into the wellness or illness of the other.