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Webmaster/Content Developer Wanted

Serendip has a position for a webmaster/content developer who will be responsible for basic site maintenance and will work with Paul Grobstein, Deepak Kumar, and other faculty, staff, and students at Bryn Mawr College to develop new materials and otherwise continue the ongoing evolution of the Serendip website.

Born in the summer of 1994, Serendip has an international reputation as a resource in the areas of neurobiology and behavior, complexity theory, and science education and is currently visited by nearly a thousand computers on an average day. Serendip makes available information, forum areas, and a host of links to related websites, but its primary objective is to provide a rich array of interactive demonstrations and experiences which encourage visitors, irrespective of background, to themselves think more deeply about the underpinnings of their own behavior and that of others. A principal concern of Serendip is to reintegrate science into the processes of human thought and creation generally, by both illustrating and encouraging the kinds of syntheses of multiple perspectives which yield broader understandings of common human experiences and the questions that arise from them.

We are looking for someone having experience with website design and authoring, at least some Java programming skills, and an interest in continuing to expand their expertise as a web communicator. Applicants should, in addition, have a bachelor's degree in some area of science (or comparable background), and an interest in how the sciences relate to one another and to other forms of human understanding. Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is both reliable and creative, who enjoys working both independently and with others, and who is willing and able to try things out as part of the process of "getting less wrong".

If interested, email Paul Grobstein (, giving your qualifications, availability, and desired salary range. We hope to fill the position as soon after July 1, 1999 as possible.

Additional related positions in science/education/computers/information technology are available at Bryn Mawr College. Information is available at