Bryn Mawr College
Keck Postdoctoral Research/Teaching Fellowships in Sciences/Mathematics

Faculty Providing Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowship opportunities are currently available with faculty in the Departments of Biology, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics. Because the first two Fellows both have primary sponsors in Chemistry, applicants with primary interest in chemistry will be given lower priority. Applicants with interests spanning subdisciplines or disciplines are invited to be in contact with several relevant faculty members. Faculty in Chemistry are, for this reason, included in the list below.

Alfonso Albano

Peter Beckmann

Peter Brodfuehrer

Sharon Burgmayer

Tamara Davis

Victor Donnay

Michelle Francl

Karen Greif

Paul Grobstein

Ann Herzig

Margaret Hollyday

Deepak Kumar

William P. Malachowski

Frank Mallory

Elizabeth McCormack

Michael Noel

Susan White

Edward Wovchko