Keck Postdoctoral Fellow Position with Prof. William P. Malachowski

Keck Postdoctoral Fellows working with Prof. W. P. Malachowski will have an opportunity to experience teaching and research in a unique academic environment; one renowned for both its teaching and its research. The broad range of pedagogical experiences will afford the fellow an invaluable opportunity to prepare for an academic career. The research experiences will be scientifically challenging and chemically significant leading to continued personal growth as a scientist.

A variety of mentored teaching opportunities will be available to a Keck Postdoctoral Fellow including introductory chemistry courses (organic, general), advanced chemistry courses (organic and special topics), and supervision of undergraduate research. Introductory courses will expose a postdoctoral fellow to the challenges of teaching fundamental concepts to an audience from diverse backgrounds. Upper level courses will provide an opportunity to convey the excitement of current chemical research to undergraduate chemistry majors. The direction of undergraduate research will allow important one-on-one instruction in the fundamentals and theories as they apply to the chemical laboratory. This spectrum of mentored teaching experiences, that is available at Bryn Mawr College will develop and mature the pedagogical methods of the postdoctoral fellow.

Research in the Malachowski group will be in the field of bioorganic chemistry. Projects will be interdisciplinary in nature as activities in the lab extend from synthetic methodology development to enzyme inhibition studies. We currently have two active areas of research: the development of peptidomimetic monocyclic b-lactam protease inhibitors and a-aminophosphonic acid synthesis. Methods for the synthesis of the rationally-designed peptidomimetic b-lactam inhibitors are currently being developed and molecules will be tested with a variety of proteases. Research into a-aminophosphonic acid synthesis is focused on the development of an efficient stereoselective path to these proven enzyme inhibitors. The synthetic methods devised in both projects will be applied to solid-phase synthesis to generate libraries of compounds. In general, opportunities would span the drug development process from design (including computational methods) to synthesis (methodology development including library synthesis) to analysis (enzyme inhibition).

A Bryn Mawr College Keck Postdoctoral Fellow working with Prof. W. P. Malachowski will have an outstanding opportunity to develop both professionally and personally at a premier academic institution. The experience will combine the prominent research of a graduate-level institution with the careful attention to teaching that is the hallmark of a small liberal arts college.

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