Receipe for Healthy Eating and Positive Living


Dandelion Leaves                    1/4 pound
Peppermint Leaves                 1/8  pound
Strawberry Leaves                1/4 pound
Wild Yam                                   1/2 pound

Cayenne                                    to taste
Ginger                                       1 level teaspoon
Sage                                           1 level teaspoon
Thyme                                       1 level teaspoon

Red Raspberries                    1 pint (fresh; frozen produces too much water)


Chop dandelion, peppermint, and strawberry leaves, and wild yams.
Place all of this in a large salad bowl.

Using a mortar and pestle, grind together cayenne, ginger, sage, and thyme.
Place seasoning mixture in salad bowl also.

Puree (liquify) red raspberries in blender.
Pour over ingredients in salad bowl.

Mix thoroughly.
Serve generously between 4 people.

We have just used ingredients (herbs) that can affect our behavior. Each ingredient can be found in our web site. Each ingredient can effect both brain and nervous system. This in turn can modify a desired behavior.

1. Go back and click on Herb Descriptions . This is going to show the herbs used in this recipe, and what in our bodies these herbs effect.

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