Current News

These pages provide information about all components of the College's HHMI-supported program and continual updates about the activities going on under its umbrella. Current items of particular interest include:

a new set of undergraduate research and science education intership programs: 2005 Horizons Science Internships and HHMI Science in Society Fellowships

a new postdoctoral fellowship program
a new bicollege outreach program
Goals of Our Current Program
recruit and retain science majors,
expose science students to broadly applicable computational methods and increase their understanding of the connections within and among traditional disciplines,
prepare undergraduates to pursue a wide range of careers requiring sophistication in science, irrespective of their majors.
Who We Are

As a liberal arts college for women, Bryn Mawr College is committed to:

encouraging large numbers of young women to major in disciplines in which they have been traditionally underrepresented and to pursue graduate study and careers in the sciences, and
ensuring science literacy among all students.

Our past grants from HHMI have helped us to strengthen science education by supporting interdisciplinary approaches to teaching in biology and the related sciences; undergraduate research opportunities; use of computing technologies in the sciences; and professional development for precollege science teachers.


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