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HHMI Science in Society

Undergraduate Fellowships

2005-2006; 2006-2007

Bryn Mawr College, through a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, announces two HHMI Science in Society Fellowships. These fellowships are open to current juniors (with independent majors) and sophomores considering designing a novel interdisciplinary majors reflecting the focus of the Center for Science in Society

"The Center for Science in Society will catalyze and support explorations of the many ways in which people seek to understand the natural world and to use that understanding to support its continuing vitality as well as that of human society. The Center will investigate connections between scientific methods of inquiry and humanistic ones, and will bring together the academic and the applied. " [read more]

This fellowship program is designed to encourage interest in the sciences through special opportunities to desgn novel, intersiciplinary science majors. The majors will reflect the Center's interest in connections between the sciences and non-sciences. Examples of potential majors include "Biology and Culture of Mental Health" and "Environmental Architecture". Fellows will be provided an internship in the summer following their junior year for research on a project related to their program (stipend - $3,200), and receive an allowance for professional travel.

Contact person - Paul Grobstein (

Also see Center for Science in Society.

Eligibility and Application Process:

These HHMI Science in Society undergraduate fellowships are open to students who are currently in their sophomore or junior year. Juniors must already have an approved independent major. Sophomores, or transfering juniors, will design and seek approval for the HHMI Science in Society majors through the standard College procedure for independent majors. In designing their majors, students will enlist two faculty sponsors, one of whom must be a member of the Center for Science in Society's Steering Committee. Students will submit to the Independent Majors Committee a proposal developed in consultations with their sponsors. This proposal shall include: a major course work plan, supporting letters from her faculty and dean, and a transcript. Approved proposals will be reviewed jointly by the Center for Science in Society Steering Committee and the HHMI Advisory Committee for the final decision on which applications best match the goals fo the center and the HHMI program.

Center for Science in Society Faculty Steering Committee (2004-5)

Peter Briggs (English), Maria Luisa Crawford (Geology), Alison Cook-Sather (Education Program), Anne Dalke (Feminist and Gender Studies), Kim Cassidy (Psychology), Victor Donnay (Mathematics), James Martin (Social Work and Social Research), Deepak Kumar (Computer Science), Elizabeth McCormack (Physics), George Weaver (Philosophy), Susan White (Chemistry)

These new opportunities are in addition to on-going fellowships available for on-campus summer research with science and mathematics faculty and the Summer Horizons Internships.

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