HHMI Postdoctoral Fellowship

in Computational Methods in Science

"a new postdoctoral fellowship program in computational methods in science, which will provide mentored teaching and research experiences for recent Ph.D. and assist Bryn Mawr faculty in implementing new computational initiatives."

Bryn Mawr College, with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, is delighted to announce the appointment of Emily Allen to serve as the HHMI Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Methods in Science. She will hold a two-year research / teaching postdoctoral fellowship in computational methods in science starting September 2005. 

Dr. Allen will be expected to conduct research in collaboration with a Bryn Mawr faculty member, and teach a course in his/her area of expertise during the spring semester of the first year and each semester of the second year. By virtue of her training in computational methods, she will serve as an important collaborator and resource for current faculty members developing new courses such as Bioinformatics, Ecological Modeling, Emergent Systems, Visualization: Art and Science, and Geographic Information Systems and Science for the College's new minor in Computational Methods in Science.  The fellow will also have the opportunity to participate in programs sponsored by the College's Center for Science in Society.

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