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Topic: Guest Exhibitions

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Name: Gary Chambers
Subject: Modernism/Subjectivity
Date: Wed Sep 4 09:29:21 EDT 1996
I'm looking for information on the above subject by Descarte. Thanks.
Name: Mogens Jakobsen
Subject: Mind, Brain, and Adaptation
Date: Mon Sep 30 18:22:53 EDT 1996
The paper on "Mind, Brain, and Adaptation: the Localization of Cerebral Function" is well written and interesting.
I found it as I looked arround for information on Flourens. A danish text-book writer quoted (in 1865) Flourens for some work on animal reaction to meningeal hemorrhage. I was looking for a list of Flourensī papers. Can you give me information on where to find such a list.
Best regards
Mogens Jakobsen Neurosurgeon, Dr.Med. Aalborg Denmark
Name: Rob Wozniak
Subject: Flourens Bibliog.
Date: Tue Oct 1 16:00:37 EDT 1996
Although I don't know whether it is definitive, there is a Flourens bibliography in the Catalogue of Scientific Papers (1800-1863) of the Royal Society of London, Volume 2, pp. 642-646. London: Clay, 1868.
Name: anonymous
Subject: Descartes innate knowledge of body
Date: Mon Oct 7 14:39:08 EDT 1996
I am writing a paper in which using documentation from the meditations and other sources I need to prove Descartes theory that the knowledge of the body is innate. Ineed more sources.
Name: Hoper Wang
Subject: May I download it?
Date: Tue Nov 12 02:45:07 EST 1996
I'm interested in the history of psychology, so "Mind and Body" could be a very important reference for my further study in psychology. May I download and keep it as a convenient reference? If yes,is there easier way to download the whole article, rather than cut and paste every page? Thanks for helps.
Name: John O'Connor
Date: Mon Dec 2 13:37:42 EST 1996
I remember reading once about Paul Broca's bid to become a member of the French Academy based on his discovery of the motor speech control area. Arguing against his admission was Gratiolet who cited the case of a woman who was hit in the right side of her head by her husband with a candlestick. After she was hit and before she died, she cursed her husband. Gratiolet claimed that if motor speech was controlled by the left, she couldn't have spoken. Do you know where I might be able to re-locate this text" ? Thanks

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