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ll Rue Primatice
l3 Arrondisement
75013 Paris

Digiting was not her game
Figures and symbols she could draft
Plastic arts her match
While epoque exacts nimble knacks

Ticking tumults of numberings
Mixed and muddled
Fermenting commotions of mind
Left her loggy

Singsong chant
"We are three across
Six levels high
and live on five"
Psalmed as she waited

Incantation to no avail
Neighbors glimpsed
"Bonjour Madames"
Would not tally totals
Sanctioned sums escaped her

One hundred percent maidenly
By intent or circumstances unclear
Exposure of the cover only
But warsÕdiminishment computed

Collectively distrainful
Not ever
Aptly demure


Colloguy limited by language
Sufficient onto oneselves
A laconic strain
When evermore is tolling

Vague opportunities miscarried
Mass commodities remain unscored
Lamentations excessive
On this her moving day

Let us wistfully with melancholy
Ponder Paris prototypes
In a scene with shuttered window
And note the smallness of the world


An avenue in France
Charted in l500s
Presently landlorded from Germany

Dedicaated in the year l866
To Francesco Primaticio
From Italy
Le paintre; le sculpteur; le archetecte

Take note
Where lived a third-age woman
From America
In this year of l999

Au Complet.

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from The Third Age in Paris
by Arleen T. McCormack

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