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I love the thought of her
In that scene
Spring commences
Pigment candles

Gray-green room
Canvas-tented bulb
Luminous anticipation
Holds her rooted

Paste-polished chest
Chambered coffer
Nooked crannies
Affirm the theme

Burgeoning boxed yarn
Contained unravelings
Past productions
Await succeeding yields

She herself is presage
Green-stemmed skirt
Gossamer petal blouse
Stamen taut coiffure

Swish of shadowed taffeta
Transporting cradled cullings
Utters bygone season
When bayberry hung heavy

She weighs the crop
Pristine geraniums of March
Reaped seedlings of wintered windows
Swallowing the flutter of cherubed expectations.

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from The Third Age in Paris
by Arleen T. McCormack

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