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I'm Through with White Girls

About the Film
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Having recently been involved in a disastrous string of relationships with white women, a hip black comic book artist must confront his own fear of commitment after vowing to exclusively date women of his own race. Jay is a hip black comic book artist whose experiences dating white women have left him wanting more. Realizing that he's in desperate need of some serious change, Jay launches "Operation Brown Sugar," and subsequently begins dating a beautiful "Halfrican-Canadian" writer. Now that race doesn't factor into Jay's dating habits anymore he feels like he may have found the love of his life. But while he may not have to worry about ending up with the wrong girl, Jay is about to discover that he may be in danger of letting the right one slip through his grasp.

~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi (NY Times).

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Production Info
Reported or Estimated Budget: 
Independently financed WGA low budget/SAG ultra low budget production
Categories About the Film
interracial relations
urban life
Racial/Ethnic Affiliation: 
African American
Filmmaking Team
Writer's Name: 
Courtney Lilly
Chris Adams, Lia Johnson, Camilla Rantsen
Jacob Pinger
Primary Cast: 
Anthony Montgomery, Lamman Rucker, Lia Johnson.
Exhibition/Distribution Info
Image Entertainment
Where to find it/How to get it: 
DVD widely available

Visions Award at Bahamas International Film Festival, Blockbuster Award for Best US Feature at ABFF 2007, Best Narrative Feature at the Hollywood Black Film Festival 2007, Platinum Award, Best Romantic Comedy at Houston Worldfest 2007, Audience Award at Cannes Pan African Film Festival 2007, Audience Award at the Roxbury Film Festival 2007, Audience Award at Martha's Vineyard AA Film Festival 2007, Nomination Best Director First Feature at LA Pan African Film Festival.

World premiere: Pan African Cannes Film Festival

Personal Film Review and Cultural Context: 

In comparison to mainstream romantic comedies, I’m through with White Girls redefines conventional tropes that characterize the genre. Jay Brooks is a slacker, hipster black man, whose entanglements with white girls have resulted in a series of comical breakups. He finally meets a mixed-race feminist writer, Catherine and subsequent scenarios are fraught with humorous peril. Yet, through the analytical lens of director, Jennifer Sharp and writer, Courtney Lilly, the film effortlessly examines social constructs of race, and class inherent within the American fabric, with subtlety and humor. The film is a warm and radiant story that humanizes complex situations through characters motivated by love, rather than greed. Jay and Catherine defy racial and culturally predefined stereotypes and the methodical acting alongside the humorous veneer of black contemporary culture makes it an unconventional yet intellectually engaging watch.

-Farhat Rahman