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Annemarie Jacir

Annemarie Jacir has been working in independent film since 1994 and has written, directed and produced a number of films, including a ‘post oslo history’ (1998), ‘The Satellite Shooters’ (2001), and ‘like twenty impossibles,’ (2003). She has taught courses in Columbia Bethlehem and Burzeit universities. ‘Salt of this Sea’ (2008) was her first feature film and second work to debut at Cannes Film Festival. She also co-founded Philistine Films, an independent production company that focuses on productions related to the Arab and Iranian world. Her 2012 film, ‘When I saw you’ has been selected as the Palestinian entry for Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards. Source:  Rasha Salti, The National, “Stranger than Paradise,” Institute for Middle East Understanding, September 9, 2008, accessed December 17, 2012,