Biology 361 = Computer Science 361

Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2007

Making Interesting New Models

Emergence from other perspectives

Agent based modelling

Both conductors and planners/architects are themselves products of on ongoing process of emergence. So too are agents, the brain, meaning, purpose, science, and inquiry itself.

All are (non-deterministically?) derivitive of properties and interactions that existed at earlier stages of emergence and that persist at lower levels of organization. Having come into existence, each becomes both an influence on lower levels of organization and an ingredient for the creation of new levels.

  • Agent-based models can do things (have properties?) that deterministic cellular automata do not.
  • Agent-based models can be derived from suitable? cellular automata (deterministic?).
  • Simple agent-based models are necessary and sufficient to generate (deterministically?) more complex agent-based models that in turn can do things that neither cellular automata nor simple agent-based models can do.

Making agents that can explore/infer

Thinking about the rest of the semester ...

And about why some models/presentations are good/appealing and others less so

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