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view/download model file: moseralvarez3a.nlogo


This model has a turtle wander the world looking for food in an effort to infer where the tree creating said food is. This process may take upwards of 30,000 timesteps but only because the map is so big relative to the speed at which the turtle traverses it.


The model first creates a "tree" (a brown patch) which every thousand timesteps will create several "food" (yellow) patches in a given radius around the tree. The turtle then wanders the map trying to eat. Everytime the turtle eats it remembers the location and averages all of these locations to guess where the tree is.


The model, though interesting, has room for innovations. One idea is to create multiple trees and have the turtle guess the location of each individual tree. Another is to have the turtle remember the location of food and, upon becoming "hungry", to head off in the direction of the food it recalls. One final possibility would be to combines these examples, having the turtle heading towards the coordinates it believes a tree to be at, and then, upon getting there, consuming the food until it is no longer hungry.


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