Frog prey-orienting circuitry shares structural and functional commonalities with other systems.

Primate Saccade System

  • Unilateral superior colliculus lesions result in a greater number of exploratory saccades into the ipsilateral visual hemifield (Wurtz and Albano, 1982).

  • Lesions to the paramedian pontine reticular formation abolishes horizontal gaze movements in the direction ipsilateral to the lesion, with the eyes being deviated strongly in the contralateral direction (Henn et al., 1984).


    Human Visual System?

  • eye patch experiments (Cohen)

  • hemineglect alleviation via eye patching and stimulation



  • Parcellation of signals regarding eccentricity, distance and elevation have been reported in a number of systems including the barn owl (Knudsen), rat (Dean), and monkey.