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Now the bias let's take
That clear we may make
Just who yours truly might be
And why he should want
Others to haunt
With pictures so open and free.

He's one to whom living
His creed I'm giving
Encompasses all man knows and does.
To sit and see life
Its varieties rife
Serves as its own Because.

And yet to see
With a capital Be
Requires as well that one is
And so he will sit
In the random sieve
And view lives, others and his.

And errors he'll make
For he too has a stake
In how he wants things to be
And can't ever quite know
From his vantage point low
What eternity can see.

PG-circa 1966

Circa 1994 - The Web and the Random Sieve

Fellow Travellers: Jed and Rachel Grobstein, 1993

Additional fragments from my personal dig

From the head to the heart: Some thoughts on similarities between brain function and morphogenesis, and on their significance for research methodology and biological theory , Experientia, 1988

Variability in Behavior and the Nervous System , from the Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, 1994

The January 20th, 1995 broadcast of NPR Science Friday's The Biology of Gender.