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Dr. Paul Grobstein, Eleanor A. Bliss Professor of Biology


     I would like to thank my advisor Dr. Paul Grobstein for helping me bring together once conflicting parts of my “intellectual schizophrenia.” This was the most inspirational work of my college career and laid the groundwork for the type of scientist I want to become.
     Thank you to Albert Shvilly whose paintings are a testament that art and science not only can be united but just may be one and the same thing.
     Also I would like to thank Professor Michael Krausz for making me realize that “there is a difference between a violin player and someone who makes violin strings” His philosophical teachings through these years made me strive to be more of the former in all that I do.
     To my best friend Maria Averbukh who is always there for me offering brighter colors to the painter within.
     An amazing thank to Alex Averbukh for staying up with me during the computer trauma of all time. His attitude shows that the brain can transcend anything and paint a beautiful picture no matter what the circumstances!
     Special thanks to Richard Rutenberg for his moral support while coding html.
     And to Donna, without whom....


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