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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

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France is memory
Memory is Dreams
Dreams are France

This esoteric exercise
Deductive cycle of thought
Mingled considerations , reasonings, deliberations

Might such cerebral calculations
Be curved
Perhaps deflected

Made opulant omelet

Archived memories
Thoughts smells sights, sounds

Aristotlean axioms
Not curtailed, lessened, contracted
But rather enlarged, expanded, amplified

An example noted

The space is four hours commencement
The smell yeast and flour
The means fire and chamber

Cradled cot at open panes
Night pretends embossed
Peaked dreams olfactorily impinged

Peeled lots of morning loaves
Lay memorizing lavishly
Delighting epicurian me

Beaux arts sustenance mischief
Equiposed imaginings connect
Degas laundry ladies encore bread sellers likenesses

Constant France
Past and present
Proverbs considerable permutations.

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