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This is a list of web sources related to writing, poetry and other modes of artistic and creative expression. The sites range from writing resources to therapeutic art workshops. They are helpful for a wide range of teaching levels and needs.
Some are just to get ideas and others are interactive.

I have included a few sentences under each link explaining the particular web site.
Power of the Pen is a writing program for 7th and 8th grade students in the state of Ohio.
Absolute Write is for those interested in freelance writing, screenwriting, playwriting, writing novels, comic book writing, greeting cards and poetry. It is an excellent link to the contemporary world of literature.
This site has resources for writers from writing workshops and claims to "pay homage to the birth of a writer's soul."

Journals and diaries is an introductory site for writing a journal; there is a list of benefits, tips, links and writing techniques.
At this site people from all over the world can read, write and share their experiences with others.
Here you will find essays on writing for self development and education.
Writing the journey has tools, techniques and resources designed to expand the personal journal into a personal growth and spiritual development tool.
Create Now looks to educate at-risk children through the creative arts in order to bring stability and direction into their lives.

This site provides an on-line workshop for children and young adults. It includes collaborative writing, literature, creative writing, poetry and essays.

Poem-welcome is interactive poetry pages- you can add a line to a poem or contribute to poem commentary.
This is a poetry workshop to practive specific elements of poetry with original exercises and peer feedback.
This is the National Coalition of Art therapies Associations. This includes examples of art therapy and artistic and creative ways to relate to children.
Art as healing is centered on art therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, group psychotherapy and psychodrama and poetry therapy.

I hope these links are helpful.

this is my first web page and it is dedicated to two excellent women who understand what an accomplishment this is- thank you, Miss emily and the abinator, for your patience through all my computer problems.

hi jesse